Webnovela “Mirela"

It is a project created under the initiative and production of Photozig Inc., (2012-2014)

Webnovela "Mirela” written by Verónica Meza.

(The webnovela is in Spanish with English subtitles)

This project aims to inform the Latino population about Alzheimer's and the resources and information to support patients with dementia problems and caregivers. "Mirela" has 18 episodes and narrates the story of a Latino family who lives the sadness of Alzheimer's through their grandma. It is estimated that 50% of the Latino population older than 85 will have dementia in some decades.
This project followed an exhausted research process and protocol under the supervision of Photozig, collaborating with Stanford University, the National Association of Alzheimer and the National Institute on Aging. *You can see and rent the episodes in Amazon, (just click on the picture)


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