Community events and festivals

Social events should speak to people’s personal interests.


“The struggle that the Latino community battles every day to gain a dignified position is still in its infancy. There are many more battles to encounter so that the US citizens and its government know and understand that all the new Latinos are good, working-class people. We all came here to work; we all hope to reach the so-called American Dream and earn a living. Most of us are here because our native countries do not offer the same job opportunities as the USA. Our countrymen suffer from lack of resources and so their daily tasks are to find work, bring food to their tables and clothe their families. Our farm workers do not have land to harvest. After many years of study, even the recently graduated professionals lack the job opportunities to be productive and rise above their counterparts.
We immigrants came here to produce, serve, and become the strength of the labor force in the gigantic economy in this country…Therefore, it is essential to let our voices be heard. We must not lose our national identity, our customs, and our traditions. We recognize our origins and that we are representatives of Latin America. We have a responsibility to provide direction for the next generation. We must survive this present so that our children can live with dignity and better opportunities in the future. So, it is time for us Latinos to raise our voices in unison, as Ramon López Velarde, Mexican poet, wrote it in ‘Suave Patria’:

‘I, who only sang of the exquisite and intimate score of intimate decor, raise my voice in the middle of the stage, just like the tenor who emulates the guttural sounds of bass to cut a slice from the epoch in which we live.”

-Written by Verónica Meza (It is part of Teatro Nahual Mission Statement, 2003)

Teatro Nahual was founded to bring a cultural service to the Latino/ Latinx and Hispanic communities in California and the USA.

Teatro Nahual se fundó con la misión de brindar un servicio cultural a la comunidad latina, latinx e hispana en California y en los Estados Unidos.