Teatro Nahual was born out of the necessity for reflection and social awareness. It arises from the pain suffered by thousands of Latinos, hoping for a better life, who cross borders, rivers, and deserts only to find death and desolation. We believe that the immigrant population can adapt to a new society without forgetting its origins and values, which, after all, are the only things that make a human being complete and dignified in society. Through the years, our Spanish language has pursued social justice topics, discrimination, family issues, domestic violence, and so on, directed to our Hispanic population. However, we have been aware that our plays have covered universal topics that any culture can feel identified.
The ongoing violence toward Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) points to persistent disease, a pandemic of racism and discrimination that has plagued America for over 400 years. Through the Spanish language plays, Teatro Nahual offers expression platforms essential to support our community and pass the information that they are not alone in fighting social justice. However, immediate social actions are needed to generate respect, compassion, and equity in an organic and non-judgmental way.
Teatro Nahual must use our theatrical voice and resources to keep focusing and stand against cultural stereotypes, racism, and violence that continue to plague our country.

Racial Equity Statement

Teatro Nahual is integrated for Hispanic students, actors, and art members from different countries that speak Spanish and English. We are committed to racial equity internally through our theater practices, acting classes, and externally through our community events and theatrical programming.

• – We are committed to ensuring that every action taken by Teatro Nahual on stage or in the community reflects principles of racial equity and social justice.

• – We understand the practice of treating art members and audiences with respect and equity regardless of their age, race, sexual orientation, educational level, or socioeconomic status.

• – Teatro Nahual will administer Spanish language performances, classes, and activities to identify and avoid discrimination and barriers to access.

• – We will offer more English translations in the hand program or on a screen during our performances to include more ethnically diverse audiences.

• – We will obtain the following information to evaluate the impact of our equity and inclusion goals in our community: population served affected by national origin, language, racially and ethnically diverse individuals.