Veronica Meza

Verónica was born in Guaymas, Sonora, México. She earned a bachelor’s degree in literature and drama from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with additional study at The National Institute of Arts (INBA) in Mexico, and received an M.A. in Spanish Education from Bennington College. Veronica has an extensive theatre history in Mexico City, where she was an actress, assistant director and assistant producer. She participated in multiple plays, including El Cervantino and the Houston International Festival. In 2003, she created Teatro Nahual, a Spanish-language theatre in Santa Clara County, for which she has directed several Spanish-language performances in different theatres and cities throughout California. Veronica is also a playwright, whose works include Huelga sin palitos, Chismes de Machos and the adaptation of several Hispanic plays. Since 2004, Verónica also has developed her own methodology to lead beginning, intermediate and advanced Spanish acting classes.


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This company has been able to attract very talented individuals from Mexico, Argentina, Peru. The overwhelming response from the local artists in the area who want to participate, act, sing or compose songs for Theater Nahual is a true inspiration. Our goal is to unite all Latinos through the arts and we are very happy that it is already happening. Future plans include the creation of an Academy where acting classes can be given as well as training in all of the other arts. The Latino community could come and learn in it’s own language, without any barriers or other handicaps.